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Development Institute and Training Academy of Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd (“DITASA”)


Jigsaw subsidiary DITASA - the Development Institute and Training Academy of Southern Africa is a leading training organisation committed to transformation through workplace skills development.


DITASA re-positioned itself to be the largest Training Broker Company in South Africa. As a Training Broker, DITASA sources the best training providers who meet all the applicable accreditation requirements from the Sector Education and Training Authorities or other professional bodies as well as legislative requirements.


Commencing training for Real Estate Agents since 2004, DITASA in 2014 achieved the milestone to expand its service offerings to other sectors also. These sectors include Health and Safety Training, Human Resources Training, Technical Training, Security Training, Management Training and Wholesale and Retail Training. Commencing with only a few courses, DITASA is able to provide nearly 200 courses.


DITASA boasts with a wide range of courses which covers from accredited courses to non-credit bearing courses. All of these courses are aimed at developing the skills of learners.


Being part of the Jigsaw Holdings Group, it was possible to make giant leaps through their strategic guidance and support from the management team. One of the major challenges with any training company is sustainability and infrastructure. Sustainability was ensured through several long term contracts, the support from Jigsaw with regards to funding, legal -, financial -, and human resources support. In addition, Jigsaw hosts DITASA in state of the art office space comprising 1 000 sqm. This enables DITASA to accommodate large volumes of learners.


Another milestone was to secure several partnerships. One such partnership is with the North-West University (NWU), which gives DITASA the edge in utilising several accredited short courses on tertiary level.


Academic and quality assurance is being done by the NWU which ensures recognition and credibility. In addition, the NWU boasts as being the leaders in providing distance education through their revolutionary system. DITASA also entered into an agreement with the NWU to utilise this technology. Not only does it enable DITASA to reach learners at 57 approved study centres across South Africa, but it also provides the capacity to broadcast to all of these centres from DITASA offices.


Another milestone is the joint venture with Durban University of Technology (DUT) which combines the expertise of both institutions to initiate, plan and execute any skills development project.


Not only is it evident that DITASA has successfully diversified, but has established a footprint across South Africa.