Real Estate | Franchising

Jigsaw Holdings objective is to ultimately create a nationally recognized estate agency brand servicing the needs of the entire South Africa.


Jigsaw Holdings Real Estate Franchise business consists of three well established brands in the South African market being:












Jigsaw Holdings interests are overseen in three clearly defined groups being:

• Operations;

• Support Services, and

• Financial Services.


Our main focus in the Jigsaw Franchising Systems is service excellence to consumers. Our franchising models have been incorporated in all the franchise networks, each operating as an individual competitive business unit with their own infrastructure.


Franchising offers the business entrepreneur the opportunity not only to manage a business based on a proven and recognized business principles but also provides a competitive edge in the Real Estate industry.


The various Jigsaw Franchising Models offers a prospective franchisee:-

• A structured and defined business model;

• Clearly defined management systems;

• Operational and strategic management guidelines;

• Business benchmarking (Segmentation);

• Comprehensive management,

• Agent and administration training;

• Network synergy events such as conventions & management forums;

• BBBEE structures and empowerment initiatives;

• Effective referral network and international channels;

• Complete electronic management solution and management support structures;

• Brand recognition through effective branding and marketing projects;

• Benefits of economy of scale; and

• Continued business enhancement and support.